Frequently Asked Questions

How can I give information to the Review Team?

You can send an email to the Chair at Alternatively you can write to Dame Moira Gibb at The Peter Ball Review, c/o Room 314, Church House, Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3AZ. All correspondence received at this address will be treated as confidential and passed to the team unopened.



When can I do this?

You can contact us now. The Review is keen to receive information as soon as possible.

What will happen to my information?

Any information supplied will only be used by the Review to inform its work and, where relevant, the Goddard inquiry¹.




Will it be confidential?

The Review guarantees the anonymity of victims throughout its work unless the identity of victims is already in the public domain and/or those victims explicitly confirm that they wish to be identified.



Will I be able to read the information I give you?  If I want to change it how can I do that?

We will make a note of any meetings and agree the content of that note with you.

Will I be kept updated about the Review and the progress of the report?

We will issue progress reports via our website and notify those who are on our circulation lists.



When will the review be finished?

It is planned that the Review will be completed within a year.  That is by the end of February 2017 and published as soon as possible after that.



Who will see the final report?  Will I get to see it?

The report will first be presented directly to the Archbishop of Canterbury. It will then be published in full.



If I don’t want to give information to the Review team, will that reflect badly on me?

No. The Review team understands that these are difficult and emotionally disturbing issues and that there are some people who do not wish to share their experiences.



This is a big thing for me to give information. Will I get support and help?

Yes. We will make sure that anyone who talks to us is provided with access to a source of support.  Please also refer to the section entitled Working with Victims and Survivors on this website.



Will any travel and other expenses be paid?

Travelling and accommodation costs will be met in accordance with the Church’s established arrangements which are laid down by HM Revenue and Customs. Please also refer to the section entitled Working with Victims and Survivors on this website.

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